Petite Bucks County Rifle
When I first saw the original rifle from which this rifle was copied, I was struck by the grace and almost daintiness of the gun.  I have always referenced it as the ”Petite Bucks Co. rifle.”   The original was unsigned, but showed a lot of John Shuler influence.  However, this rifle was different in that the tang carving and some elements of behind the cheek piece carving are raised.  The tang carving shows a lot of Lehigh Co. influence.  Whoever the original maker was he was true artisan, I hope my copy does it justice.  This rifle has a B weight 50 cal. 42” Colerain barrel, w/ a White lightening  vent liner.  A Golden age Siler lock provides the spark and is activated by a Bucks co,. reverse curl single trigger.  The side opening patchbox is opened by a release concealed under the toe plate.  This is an extraordinary Bucks Co. rifle.