The gun was built for use by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, “The Revenant”.

The gun was built on a moderately figured piece of curly maple in the classic Bucks County style. The build is based on an original which was handled and photographed by the builder. The hardware is copied from an original John Shuler, Sr. rifle. The barrel is a 44″ Colerain B weight 50 cal. While many original Bucks Co. rifles had English import locks, the original had somewhat larger than normal Germanic lock. I found that a Jim Chambers Golden age lock was a near match for the original. The carving of this rifle is somewhat atypical for a Bucks Co. gun in that it is a blend of both raised and incised carving, showing a decided Lehigh Co. influence.

In July 2014, the order for the guns came in. Two were ordered in case one was damaged during the filming. The two guns had to be in British Columbia by the end of August. There was some burning of the midnight oil to fill the order, but it was a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have completed another copy of the gun and it will be on display and available for purchase at the 18th Century Artisan show (2016).