Perch Belly Percussion
This rifle is being sold as “New”, only because it could not be legitimately sold as an antique gun.  The beautifully figured stock was probably built around the period just after the Civil war.  The architecture of the gun is reminiscent of perch belly guns built in New York state.  The magnificent patchbox appears to have come from a gun built around Philadelphia in a much earlier era.  I can only guess the original percussion gun was built with a box from a wrecked flintlock gun at the request of the buyer.  When I purchased the gun the barrel and lock were missing.  I replaced the barrel w/ a new Green Mountain 45 cal. 15/16 barrel 32″ long.  A modern replacement lock was fit to the original single leaver set triggers, and the old gun was returned to service.  Here is an opportunity to have a gun that appears to be a fine antique that is perfectly safe to shoot and enjoy when it is not being displayed.  A truly unique gun.