John Noll Rifle, Franklin Co., PA
This rifle is a close copy of one of Noll’s finest works of the “Golden Age.” Each and every detail of the original is reproduced as nearly as possible. Noll was a masterful engraver, as well as a skilled carver. The “Preening Peacock” patchbox is filled with engraved detail and accents, as are many other parts of the rifle. The rifle is fully carved, including delightful carving around the entry thimble. The forestock is nicely molded along the ramrod channel. This is an outstanding rifle. It has a 44″ 50 cal. swamped barrel, a Jim Chambers late Ketland lock and R.E. Davis double set triggers, all in a nicely antiqued curly maple stock. The LOP is 13 3/4 inches, and it weighs in at 7lbs.

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