Schuler, Copy of Original
This Bucks Co. rifle is a copy of an original attributed to John Shuler. The original won an award for the best incised carved gun displayed at the KRA show in 1987. Some believe that the unsigned original may have been built by Andrew Verner, due to the hardware used. The gun is an excellent example of the classic Bucks Co. features.  The copy is pictured here with the original. The copy features a 44 inch, 50 cal. rifled barrel. The lock is a Jim Chambers Siler with the Dale Johnson modified lock plate. The hardware is from Reaves Goehring and is copied from an original Verner rifle. One deviation from the original is the cheek piece star that is is used instead of the moon inlay on the original. All the carving of the original was faithfully reproduced to produce this excellent example of a true Bucks Co. rifle.